Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Models

I’m no Royalty groupie, but the Brits seemed to have gotten - getting hitched - right this time:
Marry for love.
Keep, but tweak, tradition.
Have a sense of humor.
Add those precepts to the sensibilities the  Middleton clan - commoners - exhibited through the wedding of Prince Will and their daughter Kate, and I’ve got  a standard of sorts for the wedding Emily and Ryan have put into motion.
Ten years, they’ve been together, Will and Kate. Met as university students in their late teens. I don’t think  Prince William will flub a declaration of  love for his Catherine by adding ,“Whatever love means,” the way his father did with Diana, a bride just past her teens, three decades ago. Charles was twelve years her senior and had a matron-in-waiting.
 Em and Ry have clocked well over two years as a couple and were best buddies in college, four years previous.   Their devotion is palpable. Touches, glances, terms of endearment. All the makings of pre-wedding bliss.    
Chances are the Prince and his lady, officially dubbed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just after  the” I do-s”,  didn’t have a lot of wiggle room when it came to ritual.  They couldn’t opt to exchange vows in a sunny grove or plan to dance the night away in a dressed-up barn, the way Em and Ry are able to, as they place their “casually elegant” stamp  on their day.
But the royal pair did pop a couple of accent pillows on the classic couch of their nuptials. A few hours after the traditional procession and recession, carriage ride, balcony smooch, and military plane salute, the pair emerged, zipping around the royal courtyard in the elder Charles'  convertible Aston Martin. Multicolored ribbons stretched across the hood., or as they say in ol' England - the bonnet. Tin cans dragged in the rears, behind a license that read JUST WED. I’m thinking that could give Ryan – a fireman – some ideas about a ladder truck!
 Grins flashed amid the formal bows and curtsies of the royals’ day.  Young Prince Harry called his bro Dude in place of Duke. I can only imagine how Ryan’s brother Matt will lighten up the ceremony and celebration with a remark or two directed at the groom.  A corny reference to the honeymoon as the holiday Ryan will take -  before he begins to work for a new boss, perhaps.  And Matt’s twins – the two-year-old flower girls – are bound to amuse by means of their seriousness the way the Duke’s godchild evoked laughs in London. A comic touch that emerged out of the drama of a toddler covering her ears at the sound of millions of hands clapping.
Love, ceremony, and smiles shaped the Duke and Duchess’ day –a royal model for us Yanks for sure.

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