Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Generations

Em's cousin Stacey

There was a family fest last weekend – a baby shower for Em’s oldest cousin Stacey who is expecting her first baby in June. Four generations of reveling relatives were there - from Stacey’s two grandmothers to the two great grandsons of the clan.  The youngest guest had just turned six; the matriarch of the family is approaching her mid-eighties.
Not since Stacey’s wedding, about eight years ago, have we, as a family, gathered to celebrate the future.  We’ve had our share of holiday and birthday get-togethers through those years. But those red-letter-events have been honoring the day at hand and traditions of the past more than the days that lay ahead. The mindset at Stacey’s baby shower looked forward to family growth and – as Em's wedding  will – the promise of the future. What a joy to be toasting the years ahead and all their possibilities, once again.

Four generations!

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