Thursday, February 28, 2013

If at First You Don't Succeed, Blog, Blog Again

It’s has been a Red-Letter Week for the Mommy of the Bride blog, which made its debut just over 2 years ago.  Over 130 posts later, has attracted 20,000 hits! (Thank you)

How did I start blogging?

Two years ago I came very close to securing an agent for my memoir. Shortly after I queried, she asked for the opening chapter. A week later she requested three more. Promising! Even though I thought her reply sounded a little odd.I see on your website that you are a stand-up comedian. Do you intend to leverage your contacts in the comedy world to promote this book?

Apparently, when Ms. Prospective Agent googled my name, she left out the middle initial “B” and got the Official site of Laura Hayden stand-up comedian instead of – writer.

I sent the chapters along with this clarification: I have to inform you – and this is not a bad thing – that I am not exactly who you think I am! 

I explained her Internet faux pas, redirected her to my writer’s website and downplayed the mistaken identity by quipping, I may not be performing monologues onstage, but my students say my puns are “pretty darn funny." Keep it light, I thought.

Her answer shot back, it seemed, instantly. I'll be honest, I only requested your work because of a misunderstanding. I figured a comedian dealing with loss would attract at least a look from a major trade house editor. While I think the idea is well conceived and the writing samples are excellent, I simply don't feel you have the platform necessary to meet with success in this highly competitive market. Editors look for nonfiction authors to come with a media presence.

And she advised me to start a blog.

Well, I did. Decided to focus on the future instead of the past (though the past sneaks in regularly).

20,000 + posts later, it’s time to shop another book.

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