Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow Stoppers and Goers

(AP Photo/The Lowell Sun, Julia Malakie
Snow today. More snow predicted for tomorrow.  But not nearly as much as the two feet that fell last weekend. And even that wasn't the greatest height of the storm. Towns less than an hour away got forty inches. The school districts around and about the New Haven area still have not restarted classes - and may have to give up a scheduled school vacation to make up for the days the blizzards blasted away.

Most of us Nutmeggers have been only inconvenienced by the Blizzard of 2013. We’ve had to shovel out, stay put a while, sit in traffic a while. 

But most of us stayed safe. Babies about to be born, disregarded the stay-put memo. So they entered their new world at home, maybe, or in the ambulance on the way to the hospital – due to blizzard delays along the way. One Baby Girl – named Lizzy – will inevitably be called Blizzy for the rest of her life, thanks to her snowy birth date.

The blizzard’s early forecast did serve to postpone a  friend’s  80th birthday party booked at a nearby restaurant.Most guests could make it a week later. But bigger events are harder to put off.  Bigger events like weddings!

A Waterbury CT bride made it to the church during the blizzard, after switching from limo to a Ford Expedition to get there. (I bet the couple was tempted to change their honeymoon to a warmer destination too – if and when they were able to  get going on a honeymoon.)

A bride in Lowell MA donned snowshoes to get to her wedding . Farther north – in Maine – another bride  actually wished for lots and lots of snow – because her Mom and Dad had been married during a blizzard  in 1970. Her getting-hitched wish was granted.

 Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night could stay these couples from the  completion of their appointed vows, surpassing even our mail couriers pledge to deliver - no matter what last weekend!

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