Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not the Doggie

First things first. I started this blog yesterday: Mommy of the Bride. I posted it to Facebook. When I called it up on FB- there was my thumbnail headline(MOTB:The Countdown Begins)next to a photo of my dog. A cute dog, I know, but really - I am not blogging about an upcoming canine nuptial. This had to be remedied.

. It took me a while to figure out how to download a past FB profile pix to blogspot, one of the MOTB and Bride2B having a grand time at the B's BFF's wedding shower three months ago. In time I got the photo of Past Bride (me) with Future Bride (Em) to appear in the lower corner of my blogspot page, ). All was then right with the blog, or so I thought. I logged back on to FB. Winnie-the-Pooch still heralded the Day One blog in a picture that must be stuck in the bowels of a Google profile of mine (since blogspot is a Google site), posted some time, some place, long, ago. A picture, btw, taken by the Groom2B over two years ago.

Now I'm thinking that maybe the doggie image can't be replaced in the first blog because once posted - there's no turning back. (Kind of like marriage - you think?) I'm hoping that Blog Day Two, when posted, will live up to its title: Not the Doggie. Let's see.


  1. Great way to capture all of the moments you'll experience this year, Laura. Good luck on Monday.
    Wonderful blog.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. Certainly beats thesis writing!