Saturday, October 23, 2010

Listless? Not a Chance!

I can’t get through a day without lists: grocery lists, to-do lists, Letterman’s Top Ten Lists.  So when I found’s The Mother of the Bride Checklist,  I was in heaven.  (
The ehow site even beats the MOTB responsibilities site I posted  last week. ( Why? Because lists are different than responsibilities. They motivate more than intimidate. They make the grand  task of staying organized – and functional – manageable.  It’s  like the difference between telling a child, “Clean your room,” (DAUNTING RESPONSIBILITY) or saying, “Put dirty clothes in the hamper,  find the hamster, then vacuum” (FEASIBLE PLAN). And with a list,  you get to check off each accomplishment as you go along.
I can get very overwhelmed thinking about hosting the biggest party I’ve ever thrown.  Planning Em's wedding, even with her help, is so much more complicated than the makings of my small affair thirty years ago (less than 100 guests, one attendant, a friend snapping pictures through the day). Whoever heard of videographers then? Save the Date magnets? Candy bars! (I’m not talking  a few Snickers here, but a veritable sugar buffet).
I have a friend who can’t do without her lists either.  She always starts her to-dos with a couple of tasks she’s already finished - so she can check them off  as “done”immediately.  It’s a feel good thing.
Taking her advice, I'll  start today's list with
1.    Book the venue (The Barns at Wesleyan Hill) in Middletown        DONE           
2.    Reserve two hotel blocks The Inn at Middletown
3. Em's wedding dress                         A WORK IN PROGRESS
4. Guest List (ehow calls it grunt work) ANOTHER WORK IN PROGRESS
5. Start thinking about flowers


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