Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girly Girls

I haven't had many girly girl days lately, but yesterday was one. Emily and  (future bridesmaid) Mary picked me up to go to the  dress fitting.We three hadn't planned to wear pink, but each of us had a touch of the rosey hue on - enough maybe, to look like coordinated back- up singers for  Counting Crows (a woman can fantasize, can't she?). 

The first hour on the Mass Pike I mostly listened to the  gals upfront catch up on their families, their guys, Em's work days (teaching) and Mary's work nights (singing lead -- not back-up -- in a band). By the time we pulled onto 495N  they were planning their Halloween costumes. Em was pretty sure she would resurrect her Army-girl-in-camouflage-dress from her colllege days. (Picture an updated Nellie Forbush, emceeing the USO show, in South Pacific). Mary planned as she spoke. She'd wear something she already had - boots,  something she could borrow from Em - a ruffled shirt.  If she added a bandana,  eyepatch, and hearty yo ho ho, she could  be a pirate, a pretty pirate, a girly girl pirate.

I like to put on a completely different persona for Halloween. One soooo not me, at least not the everyday, ever busy, ever productive me. And yes I had thought about it.  Something Jersey Shore maybe - which is about as far from the everyday me as I can get. 

Last year Em' s brother Conor dressed up (or maybe I should say slightly undressed) ala The Situation. Conor's girlfriend -- a musical theatre major -- acted her way through a hoot of a Snooki impersonation. ( Sober, they tell me.) I can't pull off  Snooki.  But what about an older, nurturing Snooki? An over-the-hill Mother Snooki.? I could resurrect and tweak my old Brooklyn accent  I'm sure I  have a short, tastefully plunging little black dress. It shouldn't be hard to find my gaudy jewelry and eye makeup  from my Cleopatra whim last year. " All I need is a poofy do," I told the girls."I'll spray it with  gray streaks - just so no one thinks I'm the real Snookie!" Mary says she might have a pair of Snooki heels I can borrow. We both wear size six

Planning Em's wedding brings out the girly girl in me. I won't be dressed in pink on the wedding day.  Neither will Em or Mary or any of the other girls in her wedding party.  But we'll grin and giggle and enjoy being girls more and more through every month of planning and playing our way to October 8, 2011. 

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