Saturday, September 15, 2012


Once and for all, I’ve got the cousin-clature down. Second vs. first, that is. My nieces and nephews’ kids are second cousins to my kid’s kid. God willing, I’ll figure out the rest when the next generation comes along.

Patrick's twin first cousins
Little Patrick, my 7 ½ week old grandson, has two first cousins – and one on the way. His Dad’s brother’s twin girls  - the two cuties strew petals upon their Aunt and Uncle’s grassy wedding aisle  just short of a year ago. Both Erin and Raegan had been talking to Baby Patrick – in utero – for many months before getting to ooh and aah  over his arrival. They  now await their own little sibling - due early spring. Works well. Each little twin will soon have a baby to “tend” to  - Cousin Patrick and Baby Brother or Sister.

With second cousin Mikayla
Patrick, however, is loaded with second cousins – their Mom and Dad’s first cousins’ kids (You following this?). Close by there’s Cousin Joey’s boys – Dominick and Rocco and Cousin Stacey’s Tess, a one-year-old about to become a big sis any day now. Around the Boston area there’s Logan, Lily, and Mikayla, the-three-year-old who got to hold him a couple of weeks ago.

And I must say, this little fellow has been held and handed back and forth from parents to grandparents to uncles, to aunts, and to cousins with little fuss. Oh sure, he can fidget and occasionally  wail. Last Sunday Uncle Conor held him, sort of like a football, as the little guy watched his first Patriot’s game on TV. All seemed well enough until Patrick began “Wah, wah, wah” –ing.

   Patrick's a Pats fan, like his uncle and his uncle's uncles!.
“I know, I know. The defense is terrible,” commiserated Uncle Conor.

And soon, the disagreeableness  passed – for both. The Patriots won 34-13.


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