Sunday, June 24, 2012

We All Scream for (Kate's) Ice Cream

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D (for “delivery") is minus six or so weeks now.
Mommy-to-Be and Daddy-to-Be took off to Cape Cod for a few days last week, figuring this would be their last getaway before Patrick Lawrence arrives.  Though, it seems as if Patrick has been with us for months, having made stunning appearances in ultra-sound photos. Lately he’s attracting further notice with discernible stretches and kicks across his mom’s belly. Yet Patrick remains under wraps. Yep, he’s there - but not here yet. Mindbending concept.

An expecting couple best seizes couple moments while they can. And so the future Mom and Dad headed deep into Cape Cod, taking  6A, the off-the-main-road route. Mid-Cape they turned a bit farther away from the beaten path. That's when I received the text message: “Look where Ry and I just stopped for dinner and ice cream” with this photo attached.
In the late Eighties and early Nineties, Larry, Conor, Em, and I vacationed for a week every summer in Brewster.  We stayed in a rustic cabin owned by a friend. Only stopped going there when the owner sold the three rentals lined up next to each other, right on 6A.

Kate’s Seafood was a favorite stop of ours during those weeks by the ocean – the bay side where the calmer waters suited family fun.
Just over a month ago Em posted a photo of her and her dad on Facebook, in honor of his birthday. In the frozen moment they clink spoonfuls of ice cream (yes, Kate’s ice cream)the way revelers clink glasses in a hearty salute to one another. Later in the day, Conor  left a comment below Em's photo  link. “We need to go back to Kate's Seafood someday.

I thought of Conor's reply under the photo when I  messaged back to Em, YAY. Conor will be so pleased." Then I added "Hasn’t changed a bit,” remarking on the familiar sign against  the peaked red storefront.
Instantly Em shot back “ And still tastes good.” It was fun sharing one moment which led to the recollection of other moments.
“Did you get strawberry cheesecake?” I tapped on my iPhone keyboard. Hit Send.
Another text bubble appeared almost immediately: “Remember the time I cried because there wasn’t any strawberry cheesecake? Yeah me too.”
I answered , “Yes, Did you settle for cotton candy or was that Conor’s order?”  I have to admit the “Yeah me too,” threw me off a bit. But this was texting, not proofreading. I let the misunderstood comment go. Received another message instantaneously.
I remember crying over star berry cheesecake and filling the void with bubble gum. But I could be wrong. T’was but a wee lad.”
Wee lad?  I thought to myself. Who? What? Then I saw Group MMS on the top of the phone screen. Em had texted me – and Conor – simultaneously, about the dinner stop . This was a three-way conversation.  Thanks to high tech messaging, both Conor and I  were back at Kate’s with Em and Ryan – and Patrick under wraps.

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