Thursday, August 2, 2012

Star Struck

Apparently, the stars already have something to say about the person Patrick Lawrence will come to be, based on the day he was born. Grammy, of course, is only too happy to elaborate on each attribute for the little guy.

LEO THE LION CUB    You are security-conscious and practical, yet also enthusiastic about moving forward and open to new ideas.

PROUD GRAMMY: Guess that explains the relatively calm time you spent in Mom’s womb, until you decided to arrive 11 days early – and by C-section, no less. For the record - your Mom arrived by means of pretty much the same flight pattern and landing schedule.

 LEO THE LION CUB Both a dreamer and a planner, you will pursue your vision if you have a clear and reasonable plan.
PROUD GRAMMY: From the look of your peaceful face when you are sleeping, your dreams are to your liking. I wonder if any of our faces – or doggie  Kona’s -- have shown up in your night stories yet. About the planning thing, let me tell you your Mom and Dad have a knack for organizing and producing. They pulled off the wedding of their dreams, almost a year ago, and got themselves moved into a little house perfect for you three – I mean four, counting Kona – to romp about, just last month. Perfect timing. Right now, all you need to plan is when you will eat, sleep, etc. In time, you’ll be making the decisions that will allow your dreams to happen too.

LEO THE LION CUB: In group settings, you tend to naturally and quietly lead

PROUD GRAMMY: In this case, you’re already a shoe-in. For the smallest and, most often, the quietest person in the room, you are the number one attention- getter.

LEO THE LION CUB: Others often turn to you for advice, and they value you for your input.

PROUD GRAMMY: It's a little early to put up your ADVICE 5 CENTS sign just yet. Still, you already have greater influence than you might realize. Why else would I find myself  answering the daily question  “What’s the best thing I can do today?” with one and only answer:  “Spend some time with Patrick.”

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild. I can tell by your beautifully written posts that you are totally smitten with the newest member of your family! :) --Fran

  2. You're so right Fran. Totally smitten. Thank you for reading :)