Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last weekend was too hot to weed. Weekend before, I was too involved with Em and Ry’s move.  Before that, I barely found the time to plant my meager veggie garden.  But I did get a few plants into the ground– a cuke vine,  three tomato and  two pepper varieties, a squash mound, an eggplant mound, and a strip of herbs . That was just after Memorial Day. After this weekend, the designated end of the Fourth of  July holiday (even though was really July 8), I finally weeded.

Nice thing about weeding an overgrown vegetable garden is that sometimes you’ll find a hidden fruit of your labor – or nonlabor, as is the case with lapsed cultivation. Like so --------> That's one of four yellow squash bulbs that lay amidst  leaves as wide as my outstretched palm and the remainder goosegrass. I figure I'll be bringing Em garden-fresh squash in a few days. Can't let them grow too large or else they'll be seedy.

Nice Italian pepper came into view after the clearing out too - and some promising tomatoes. I may not have weeded often enough, but I did water just about every morning through the record heat. Before the afternoon sun could evaporate the water off the leaves almost on contact.

Flowers are appearing on the cuke - and the eggplant, well, some interior growth looks fuzzy and a tad purple A good sign for God's Little .08% Acre, I think. Even the doggie looks pleased.

How does your garden grow?


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