Thursday, February 23, 2012

Batter Up!

It's Spring Season for new authors on writer Terrence McCarthy's popular blog - The Webtown Observer (TWO) . And guess who the first rookie at bat is? The MOTB herself. . . . aka Mommy-in-law. . . little ol' me. Check out my guest appearance on TWO  by clicking here. 

Terrence, by the way, is one cool mister. (former newspaper reporter, ad copywriter and creative director turned counselor in a locked psychiatric ward) married to an even cooler misses (hey, she lets him write about her). Listen to his essay broadcasts on NPR's newest and smallest radio station "Robin Hood Radio." You'll find the podcasts free on iTunes.

After a listen or two you'll want his paperback: You Had To Be There: From Web Town To Psych Ward - A Memoir ( yes,the cooler misses is in there too.) Click here for more info on the book..

 YHTBT  will be available  in ebook formats when baseball season's in full swing.


  1. You are most welcome. At the moment, I can't put YHTBT down. Good thing it's a weekend.