Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank You Kenny Chesney

Where was I?
Oh yes, Emily's bridal shower.
A shower  that Hurricane Irene almost crashed. We missed her rude entrance by a single weekend.
 But there is more to that lucky miss than meets the eye - of the hurricane or mine.
Em’s shower was originally planned for the day Irene would eventually crash through Connecticut . But that soiree was moved up a week because two bridal party members had tickets to see Kenny Chesney in Boston on Sunday, August 28. They couldn’t be two places at once. So we switched the date of the shower.
My English teaching colleagues and I call that situational irony.
We Wedding Planners call it Miraculous.
A fortuitous twist of fate of which Jimmy Fallon might write:  Thank you Kenny Chesney for being the reason behind having to reschedule Em’s bridal shower which in the end inconvenienced her family and friends much less than if your concert  had not inconvenienced them in the first place.

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