Saturday, June 11, 2011

Statistically Guessing

While Em and Ry were students at Stonehill College – 2003 to 2007 - a myth of sorts purported that over 70% of Stonehill alumni married Stonehill alumni.  The notion pervaded campus the way urban legends lurk within and out of city limits:  oft-told and unfounded.
As freshmen, Emily and her roommate thought the dubious statistic amusing, seemingly impossible, and sort of sensational in a non-sensational way. As demographic legends go, it evoked more humor than horror. I never heard it related in any other tone than jest.
Then, in 2007, Em and her roomie took part in an Alternate Spring Break, rebuilding houses in Katrina -worn New Orleans. After they returned to campus their team was invited to dine with the college brass. I am told that when one of the college’s highest of administrators sat down to sup with Em’s table of volunteers there was, at first, an awkward silence, followed by his emphatic relating of the statistic to the altruistic crew. Seriously. Eyes rolled.
Neither Em nor I thought much about the statistic until, with great irony, she and Ry’s post grad plans placed them in the unverifiable 70%. As far as their graduating class goes, a number of their college friends have wed – but, to my knowledge, none to a fellow alum, not yet anyway. So, as Stonehill College statistics go, I can verify that, concerning a recent graduating class,
  • 92% were employed within one year of graduation
  •  90% of full-time students received some form of financial aid
  •  8% joined or applied for a year-long volunteer service program

   ·     at least 1 % had plans to marry an alum
Bit of a discrepancy from the rumored 70% on the last stat – but, just for the fun of it, I’m not through with this quest for nuptial truth . . .

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