Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taste vs Judgment

Food glorious food surrounded Em and Ryan, his parents, and MOTB-blogger (me) at last Sunday’s wedding-tasting feast. We were invited to the event last year too, since we had booked the venue two years before the wedding date. How carefree we were in 2010 as we faced, just ahead of us, three cuts of beef,  and then a quarter turn to our left – four fish dishes, and with another turn – chicken this , chicken that,  and  chicken this and that. More choices than a Food Network home page lay before us and, like kids in a candy shop, we ricocheted from one counter to the next, pleasure our only principle.
The goods were just as abundant this year in an elegant room that felt as if it was being hosted by the Ghost of Plenty Past. This time, however, we weren’t so carefree.  Along with a plate I had my notebook in hand. I’d take a bite and jot. Bite and jot.
 Breast of Chicken Jacqueline- tastes like piccata. Very Olive-Garden-ish
Breast of Chicken Tuscany – good but sausage mix ??? Rules out the non-red-meat-eater.
Apple-stuffed Breast of Chicken – hmmmmm just right – especially for a fall-flavored feast.
For the non-meat eaters I considered:
Salmons with a fruity salsa – nice and light
 Filet of Sole with Scallop and Crabmeat Stuffing, topped with Lobster Sauce – a little heavy for my taste
Then I dipped, sipped, bit, and jotted
Butternut squash soup OR butternut squash ravioli –  not both. Too much of a good thing.

This went on through salads (7!), pastas (4), so many butlered- hors d'oeuvres, I lost track, and four flavors of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.
Bite and jot. Bite and jot. Bite and jot. Bite and jot.
Hard work, I know, but someone’s got to do it!

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